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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Censorship in World of Warcraft (China) Even Covers the Passwords!

The Censorship in World of Warcraft (China) Even Covers the Passwords!

Yes, I know I should contact the support of your partner in China (NetEase) or even China government, but both you and me know NetEase could do nothing with this, or they would just deny the fact.

Don't try to suggest me: check the Internet connection / hardware, contact your ISP ... I'm a programmer, and I know the problem definitely:

When I use some characters in my password (which listed in the blacklist of NetEase/China government), I will be dropped in the game and when I login again, then drop again minutes later.

Change the password would solve the problem, but...

I've used the password: 'fuckcensorship' and when the issue happened, I guess it caused by the password, and solved it by myself, not hopping any help from the support of NetEase.

And today, my wife (before today 12/22 2012, she played this game normally) triggered this issue, she use the password 'hellokitty19851106'. I don't know why this password could trigger the blacklist, and which characters triggered it.

That is ridiculous! Our password not just be monitored by the government, and be included into the political censorship system too!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Xdebug NOT Working? It's not Your Fault!

Are you a PHPer using Eclipse & Xdebug under Ubuntu 12.04? Something wrong, the debugger don't work now? Or even the system told you some build-in class like PDO is not defined?

It's not your fault, don't keeping checking your configuration files, read and read the PDF like Debugging PHP using Eclipse and PDT.

It caused by the bug of Eclipse PDT itself.

Friday, October 26, 2012

'No battery for sale now' Said by Logitech Support Center

I've brought a mouse from Logitech -- G7 limited edition. Then broken, the support said: no limited edition to replace, so they give me a normal edition with no refund.

Years latter, now, the battery die -- they use non-standard battery -- so I contact their support center again, "sorry, no battery selling now, it's an old product ..."

Yes, it's an old product! Only old products need new battery of course!

Go to hell Logitech!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rescue Your Data from Windows Hard Disk

I have some data in an old hard disk, Windows system with account password, and I have completely no idea of the password.

Even worse, it's a Windows XP system, and when booting up, the Microsoft ask for activation -- of course the hardware changed for so many years! And the original Windows XP disk and its key lost long before -- I hate activation, give my data back to me!

So what can I do with it?

Thanks to the poor security design of Microsoft, their account password account is not really encrypt data itself, so you can find any other OS to boot up, and then the Windows disk is open to you. Here is the steps:

  1. Prepare a Linux booting disk, and boot up with it
  2. Mount Windows disk and now you can access your data now, no Windows activation needed.
Thanks to poor security of Windows, I've not lost my data.

Friday, February 10, 2012

HP Black Ink Cartridge: 862, 862 Photo and 862XL

My HP printer using 'HP 862 ink cartridge' -- at least the label of it says so. So I've searched the '862' on

The web site says there are 3 black 862 ink cartridge:
  • 862 black
  • 862 black photo
  • 862XL black
The 'XL' one is said to be filled more ink than normal one, and there is no more description for the difference between '862 black' and '862 black photo'. Unfortunately for I thought 'the Photo Black may be optimised for PHOTOs', and bought the photo black.

BUT! In fact the '862 black' is entirely different than '862 black photo', my printer is NOT compatible with the latter!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

IKEA's Chinese Product Names are Meaningless for Chinese

IKEA itself has a great Chinese name: 宜家, but while their Chinese names for goods are terrible.

For example, this is my desk brought from IKEA:

Its Chinese name is 格兰特 ( Glant ), I could bet that most Chinese will never remember names like that.

This naming style ( to name a product directly by English pronunciation ) is everywhere, a desk named 诺顿 (Norton) -- for Chinese it heard like a anti-virus software from Symantec, or a lamp named 巴西斯克 (Basisk) ...

IKEA should pay more attention on how to name a really Chinese name.